“But is there one factor that is especially crucial [with regards to re-evangelizing England and by virtue the whole of Western Civilization]?” asks Fr. Aidan Nichols. “I turn back to Newman for a cue. Newman spoke of the Church creating an internal system of such grace, beauty and majesty that believers were molded into the mindset of martyrs and evangelists. […] So where then, I ask, did Newman expect to find that grace, beauty, and majesty which he tells us made people want to spread the faith in such a dedicated spirit? I think we can suppose Newman was thinking chiefly of the beauty of the faith itself as embodied in, ‘the beauty of holiness’ – that catch-phrase of high-churchmen for the converting power of the Church’s worship.”

Watch the entirety of Fr. Aidan Nichols’ Lecture on the Future of the Church in England, but to begin hearing his thoughts on the liturgy – which includes a note on the Ordinariate(s) (The Contribution of the Liturgy to the Future of the Church in England), start watching at 40:31: